Karat 6.3 Art Deco
Karat 6.3
Karat 4.5
Karat 3.5 v.1 (prewar)
Karat 3.5 v.2 (prewar)
Karat 3.5 v.3 (postwar)

Karat 2.8 v.1
Karat 2.8 v.2
Karat 12

Karat 36 v.1
Karat 36 v.2
Karat 36 v.3
Karomat 36
Ansco Karomat

Karat IV


Agfa Karat

Agfa logo

The Agfa Karat came in two main designs, a viewfinder version with a distinct rounded oval body followed by rangefinders with a more contemporary design. They were all characterised by a collapsible lens base on struts that would pop out at the push of a button. Initially the Karats used Rapid (or Karat) cassettes instead of the regular 35mm film rolls. While the actual film was the same, in the Karats the film was pushed from one cassette into another. The advantage was that one could not accidentally destroy all images by opening the back of the camera, but the number of photos per cassette was limited to only 12. From the Karat 36 onwards the Karats used regular 35mm film rolls.

Agfa Karat 3.5 Agfa Karat IV

Twenty years of Karat history, from the first to the last: the 1936-37 Karat 3.5 Art Deco on the left, the 1954-56 Karat IV on the right.