117 Retina
118 Retina
119 Retina I
126 Retina
141 Retina I
143 Retina I
148 Retina I
149 Retina I
167 Retina I

010 Retina I
013 Retina I
015 Retina Ia
018 Retina Ib
019 Retina IB

122 Retina II
142 Retina II
150 Retina IIa

011 Retina II
014 Retina II
016 Retina IIa
020 Retina IIc
029 Retina IIC
021 Retina IIIc
028 Retina IIIC

Non-folding Retinas
024 Retina IIS
027 Retina IIIS
038 Retina Automatic I
032 Retina Automatic II
039 Retina Automatic III
040 Retina IBS
046 Retina IF
047 Retina IIF
048 Instamatic 500

060 Kodak Retina S1

061 Kodak Retina S2

Reflex Retinas
025 Retina Reflex
034 Retina Reflex S
041 Retina Reflex III
051 Retina Reflex IV
062 Instamatic Reflex


Kodak Retina logo

The Kodak Retina series of cameras is one of the most iconic ranges of German-made cameras and introduced the first cameras using 135 film, a film still in existence today. The early models were folding cameras with viewfinders. Each new type brought small improvements, but apart from the top housing the styling changed little until the introduction of the IB, near the end of the line. By that time the rangefinders had become more attractive.
The number designations were simple, Retina Is are viewfinders, Retina IIs are rangefinders, Retina IIIs are rangefinders with lightmeters. The 'a' series introduced lever winders.