I Series

Regula IP
Regula IC
Regula II
Regula I-P
Regula I-Po
Regula I-C
Regula I-A to I-F

II Series

Regula IP.a
Regula IIa
Regula Cita
Regula Citalux 300
Regula IP.o
Regula ID
Regula IID

Hapo 36
Tiranty ST280

III Series

Regula IIIa
Regula IIIb
Regula Cita III
Regula IIIc
Regula IIId
Regula R
Regula RM
Regula IIIbk
Regula IIId Automatic
Regula IIIbk Automatic
Regula Super
Regula Super Automatic
Regula IIb
Mastra V35

Later models



King Regula logo

The King Regula was introduced in 1950. The first generation were simple viewfinder cameras with body mounted shutter release and came with either wind knobs or levers. The shutter had to be cocked by hand on the shutter itself. The second generation, introduced in 1953, had a new body design and included either extinction meters, coupled rangefinders or uncoupled rangefinders. They had lever winders and the shutters were cocked automatically during film transport. The third generation or Regula III series, introduced in 1956, were larger sturdier cameras introducing uncoupled and coupled light meters. Most were rangefinders. Models with interchangeable lens mounts were also introduced. After this Regula-Werk King started producing cheaper plastic cameras which will not be detailed here.

King Regula IP King Regula Super Automatic with Steinheil Quinon

Ten years of Regulas, the 1950 Regula IP on the left, the 1959 Regula Super Automatic with interchangeable Steinheil Quinon f/1.9 on the right.